Refer a Member

CDA members’ personal experiences with our support, advocacy, education, and protection are powerful referral tools. And, there’s no better time to introduce a colleague to what organized dentistry can do for them. 

With more than 27,000 dentists working together, our community is stronger than ever. As a member benefit, The Dentists Supply Company is leveraging that collective buying power to deliver big savings dental supplies through
Share the benefits, and supply savings by referring your colleagues to join CDA. 

For every new member, you successfully refer, you’ll earn double rewards:
$100 American Express gift card from ADA*
plus $100 to shop from CDA* 

The more new members you refer, the more rewards! 
Choose your way to get started today:

  • Share the online application link:
  • Click an icon below to refer through Facebook or Twitter. 

See official guidelines and our referral FAQs.
* Rewards issued to referring member once referral joins and pays required dues. Total rewards possible per calendar year are limited to $500 in gift cards from ADA and $500 in value from CDA.
Source: California Dental Association