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Every day, decisions are made in Sacramento that can affect dentists, dental students, patients, and the future of dental care in California. Make your voice heard and speak out for our profession - now is the time to add your voice to the conversation. 

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Harbor Leaders Advocating for Members and Dentistry during Virtual CDA Legislation Day

Harbor Dental Society had a productive Virtual Grassroots Advocacy Day held May 21, 2020, that set the record as the first Virtual Legislation Day for CDA.
In attendance Harbor Dental Society leaders:
Harbor President Dr. Veronica Greene; Legislation Chair Dr. Gary Glasband; Immediate Past President Dr. Santos Cortez; Leadership Development Chair Dr. Belinda Balais; Membership Chair Dr. Phil Melnick; Dr. Aarti Shah, Director and Harbor Past President, Dr. Michael Smolen, Past Ethics Chair, CDA Trustee for Harbor Dr. Max Martinez with Harbor staff Janet Garcia, along with CDA staff Marissa Allen, Dharia McGrew, Mary McCune, Todd Roberson, and Zachary Corbo.
Elected Officials: Senator Ben Allen (D) - Santa Monica (SD 26) w/ Staff, Jennifer Chase;
Senator Lena Gonzalez (D) – Long Beach (SD 33); and Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell (D) – Long Beach (AD 70).
Issues covered:
 - Reverse the proposed cuts to Prop 56 funds for Medi-Cal
- Call for Dental Benefit Plans and Insurance provider networks to offer financial relief
- Urgent Request to fulfill the need of PPE for dentists
CDA's legislative summary has been updated to reflect current activities related to legislative efforts. Read more about advocacy efforts here

Take Action: Dental plans still not offering adequate relief
Now is the time to take action and contact dental plans to stress how the lack of any meaningful relief to date continues to threaten the sustainability of your dental practices in the COVID-19 environment. While Delta Dental of California recently offered a limited supplemental reimbursement to network providers, it falls short of fully compensating dentists for the actual costs of PPE per patient and does not match realistic projections of PPE needs through the COVID-19 crisis.
CDA continues to advocate and these efforts include pursuing a legislative solution that would require plans to:
Provide a $25 minimum PPE payment per patient, per visit through the end of 2021.
Extend 2020 annual plan maximums through the end of 2021 to allow enrollees to receive some of the dental care they were unable to receive during shelter-in-place restrictions.
Please take action and send a letter to each of the major dental plans in California with which you are a contracted provider. Thank you for your support in this effort to protect dental practices during the pandemic.

Harbor Dental Society Legislation Committee
HDS Legislation Chair and HDS Majority Whip for HDS Delegation to the CDA House of Delegates: Gary Glasband, DDS
HDS Legislation Vice Chair: Amir Kazim, DDS

The HDS Legislative Committee is responsible for carrying out the policies of the Society on all matters pertaining to legislation.  The Committee maintains a working relationship with Cal-D-PAC, the CDA Council on Legislation and area legislators. The primary activity of the committee is to arrange meetings with legislators to promote the views of the Society's membership. 
Goals: The goal of the Committee is to keep local legislators informed as to the Society's views regarding current issues of dentistry and proposed legislation in effort to impact the outcome of such legislation in a positive light for organized dentistry. 

ADA Legislative Action Center
Every day, decisions are made in Washington that can affect dentists, dental students, patients, and the future of dental care in United States. Make your voice heard and speak out for our profession - sign up today to add your voice to the conversation.
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2020 Harbor Virtual Advocacy Day 

May 21, 2020 Zoom meeting with Drs. Belinda Balais, Gary Glasband, Michael Smolen, Santos Cortez, 
Veronica Greene, Max Martinez, Phil Melnick, Aarti Shah, speaking with Assemblyman O'Donnell 
regarding COVID-19 effects on dentistry. 

May 21, 2020 Harbor Virtual Advocacy Day - Senator Gonzales speaking with HDS Legislative Committee
and Board Members regarding PPE for dentists during COVID-19. 

2019 Harbor Dental Society Legislation Day - Sacramento, CA 

Assemblyman Pat O'Donnell with Drs. Santos Cortez, Max Martinez, and Gary Glasband

Legislation Day 2019 with Drs. Veronica Greene, Gary Glasband, Mona Nejad, Santos Cortez, and Aarti Shah

Legislation Day 2019 

Legislation Day 2019 Drs. Gary Glasband, Mona Nejad, Aari Shah, Santos Cortez, and Veronica Greene outside the Sacramento State Capital building.