Welcome to Harbor Dental Society.

The Mission of Harbor Dental Society is to promote excellence in Dentistry - serving its members and assisting the dental community in its responsibility to the public. 

The Harbor Dental Society was founded on October 6, 1915, by a small study club of ten dentists in the city of Long Beach, which has grown to include over 700 dentists in 28 cities in the Los Angeles Harbor area. The Harbor Dental Society is comprised of local dentists who are members of the American Dental Association (ADA) and the California Dental Association (CDA).

From the beginning, Harbor Dental Society has had a strong commitment to improving the dental health of communities it serves. Helping to ensure the dental health of all children, the society was a major force in establishing the Children's Dental Health Clinic in 1931 in Long Beach. In the 1950s, the Society spearheaded a twenty-year fight for fluoridation in the Long Beach water system, thus ensuring better dental health for children. 

The Society promotes the public's health through the commitment of member dentists to provide quality oral health care that is accessible to everyone. The Society also promotes the profession of dentistry by enhancing the integrity and ethics of the profession, strengthening the patient/dentist relationship, and making membership the foundation of successful practice. 

The Harbor Dental Society fulfills its public and professional mission by providing services and through its initiatives in education, research, advocacy, and the development of standards.

What started as a small study group of dentists has grown to a strong representation of the dental profession in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The Harbor Dental Society actively promotes the improvement of public health and maintains the highest standards of ethics among our members.